Leisure technology: repair, maintenance, installation

In the field of leisure technology, we offer a wide range of services to manufacturers. With many years of experience, Mike Schäfer and his team are qualified professionals who work in strict compliance with national and international safety regulations.

Precision and reliability are our working basis

Wheel for rollercoaster train
Wheel for rollercoaster train

In order to guarantee the safe operation of our products, each component has to be made using high-quality materials and with utmost precision. Our technology know-how and our experience help us in making sure that every part delivered by us meets all safety and quality regulations.

Whether you provide us with plans or if we develop an idea together with you: we are supporting you all the way from the initial concept and production up to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Customers worldwide trust our service:

Wheel for rollercoaster train
Wheel for rollercoaster train
Wheel for rollercoaster train
Wheel for rollercoaster train
  • Production of components, spare parts and assembly groups (welding is carried out at our partner welding company, certified according to EN 1090-2 EXC 4.)

  • Production and commissioning of vehicles and trains

  • Repair, partial renewal and recertification of constructions

  • Retrofitting / repair as well as system and spare parts supplier for portable building

  • Assembly / disassembly of leisure facilities or assembly groups

  • Services to carnies

  • Non-destructive testing in compliance with structural testing according to DIN EN ISO 9712 VT/PT/MT Level 2

  • Special testing of constructions

  • Annual tests according to TÜV regulations

  • QA documentation according to EN 13814

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