Welding at MSD Freizeittechnik

Welded bucket wheel
Welded bucket wheel

Thanks to our experience and qualification, we can ensure that welding and cutting work will be executed with highest precision. Welding work requiring the certification EN 1090-2 EXC 4 will be carried out at a partner welding company. An expert welding engineer and a welding technician will always be present for welding work requiring an audit.

On an area of approx. 1.000 m² and a hook height of 8.5 metres, we realise welding constructions with a unit weight of up to 12 tonnes. Our production hall is also equipped with two gantry cranes.

Cutting: reliable and precise

We offer water jet cutting with swivel head function for a workpiece thickness of up to 150 mm. The advantage of this technology over other cutting procedures is the cold cutting method. With this process, it is possible to cut hard, soft and brittle materials with a thickness of up to 100 mm (sometimes thicker).

A variety of materials can be cut using the water jet cutting method. This includes food, paper as well as ballistic materials and high-temperature resistant superalloys. Moreover, metals and ceramic materials as well as plastic, granite and other materials can be processed easily using a water jet.

Welded parts
Welded parts
Welded parts
Welded parts

Testing at MSD Freizeittechnik

We carry out dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle crack tests and ultrasonic testing. We carry out those tests in-house but are also working with neutral institutes such as SLV Mannheim.

Repair and regeneration at your site

We have many mobile welding units and boring mills. These machines can be used at our workshops or locally on site if it is not possible to transport large machines. For this, we have fully equipped workshop vehicles with boring mill equipment which mean that the transportation cost is lower. We offer this service in Germany and abroad. Our boring mills are used, amongst others, to repair bearing seats. The bores are automatically welded in an orbital manner and are then turned out to original size using the same machine. Subsequently, hardened steel or bronze bushings are injected or shrink wrapped at minus 196 °C using liquid nitrogen, if necessary.

Your benefit for on-site service: There will be shorter downtimes and it will not be necessary to disassemble defective parts.

We repair:

  • Pin bearings
  • Bush fittings
  • Tools (shovels, blades, grippers...)
  • Lifting frames of wheel bearings
  • Running gear components
  • Crossbeams 
  • Articulated joints
  • Bearing seats on industrial machines or leisure rides
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